Football start - sign up here!
Julkaistu: 28.09.2023 12.19

Football start - sign up here!

You 3 years old, girl or boy, who wants to kick a ball and move in a group, we are just the right group for you.

Football start include basic motor skills. Learning football in different practises and games.

We are learning basic football skills and other physical skills. After Football start it is easy to move from the group to the established age teams.

The most important is working together, experiences of success and a happy mind!


On Tuesdays 17.00 - 18.00 at Kourujärvi school gym, Karpalotie 3

  • Equipment in the practice: exercise equipment, sneakers/buttons, t-shirt/sweatshirt, sweatpants/shorts and a water bottle.
  • Seasonal fee 120,-

SIGN UP HERE or by contacting the team leader: Jari Aalto, puh. 044 970 2000,

FC Rauma ry, Football Club Rauma ry

Hakunintie 18, 26100 Rauma


Puh. 044-0228290